This is quite a long story that I will try to make short but beginning a long time ago somebody that I knew went in to get her nails done and never went back to pay but use me as a reference this had absolutely nothing to do with me however they never said anything until today. I’ve gone back and had my nails done over the years pink and white nails as usual never changing it always staying the same 3 weeks ago I went back in to get my nails done and this girl decided to do powder she was dipping my fingers in powder I asked what this was she said it’s much better for my nails I thought it was like a treatment they were doing. | Before doing my normal nails when she explained that know that’s how they were going to be doing my nails it was already too late I asked if it was more money she said just a little bit I said no problem. She said if I don’t like it next time we do it different I wasn’t thrilled with it however today I went back in to get my normal pink and white gel nails they proceeded to tell me they had to remove everything they did only 2 to 3 weeks ago not only did I not have time to go through removing these nails and then going through the whole process again I simply wanted to go in and get Phil’s as I have done for 10 years. I was told they don’t do fills with this type of service at which point I was upset obviously because I didn’t even want this powdered stuff to begin with. | I wanted my normal gel nails now I can’t even get them filled they have to remove them as I was stating that very calmly the woman said to me with a very bad attitude that she was sitting next to the lady who did my nails last time in the area and she heard her tell me that they don’t do Phil’s which that conversation never came up. I began to get a little bit agitated because I was very surprised that this woman would try to tell me that I forgot but that her sister did tell me they don’t do Phil’s. | I asked her to repeat that three different times asking her overheard the girl that did my nails few weeks ago tell me they don’t do fails she said yes I said that’s a lie. She told me maybe I forgot. I could not believe that this lady was looking at me the way she was and saying what she was saying to me I told her that I no longer want her to do my nails because I could not understand how could she look at me straight in the eyes and lie like she was doing. | she came back and told me okay somebody else do them in one hour I’ve never waited 5 minutes all of a sudden I have to wait an hour I go to the front and I talked to the receptionist and ask to speak to the owner. I’m told I cannot but that she would take care of me 20 minutes later I have now one hand with nails that are all mushy and soaking off the other hand with nothing they put me in a chair and tell me to wait at which point the lady comes back over to me and explains that the person I referred a year-and-a-half ago never came back and paid and that’s how come they don’t trust me or like me and I said I haven’t spoken to that woman and a year-and-a-half either. | Why don’t I give you her number and you call her it should not reflect on to me and I should not be sitting here right now being tortured I have to be at work I only have now a little while they said you don’t happy here you go someplace else or we call the police. And the reason they wanted me to leave was because I was speaking to my daughter on the phone telling her what I just went through. Anyway I left I took a picture of the place and I plan on Advertising this kind of ridiculous treatment. | The fact of the matter is is that they think that because they speak with broken accents that you cannot understand or because they don’t talk loud enough you can never hear them that they can get away with this type of ridiculousness people I think are forced into whatever sometimes simply because they can get away with whatever they want you have no ramifications so what can I do can I go to the police department and say hey I walked in with my nails that just needed a fill and now I’ve walked out with tin foil that was melting nails off of my hand on one hand the other hand where it was all clipped off and now I’m supposed to go to work like this? | They were sneaky by beginning the powder procedure without me even authorizing it knowing that it cost extra money but I did not complain they did not tell me that not only does it cost extra money but it’s also double the money every time I get them filled so I go in to get them filled like a normal procedure just $25 for my pink filled my as us ladies all know.. And you feel the weights every other time. But as upsetting as it was I still had no time to burn her so I went ahead and told her to go ahead and put back on my normal nails and then I had to endure all that up to the point now where I’m heading off to work with the most disgusting hands that everybody is going to say and I’m going to have to explain this to every person that I encounter that notices my hands.. and no matter what the nail salons do there is no recourse other than this rip off report so thank you rip off report and thank you everybody who is reading this I hope it helps somebody.


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