Complaint: I was referred to Lisa Kronz a year ago April with the intent of puchasing a puppy from her. In speaking with her I told her I did not want a performance dog nor did I want to wait too long for a puppy as my other dog was getting up in years. She told me that would be no problem as she had several females going into heat that she would be breeding. She did not have me fill out a contract however she told me to deposit $500 in her account which we did. Come October there were still no puppies so we began looking elsewhere. When we found another puppy I contacted Lisa to have our deposit returned. She said she did not have the money and we would have to wait until she got it meaning when she had a litter. My question was what right did she have to even spend the money. then she posts a nice picture of her new tatoo on Face-book. We waited until I saw on her website that she had a litter and I contacted her again. This is where the lies begin, first she said she did not have any litters when her web page clearly stated that she did, then she stated she had cancer and needed the money for chemo.There was no cancer from what I heard. She finally agreed to send me the deposit when the puppies went to their new homes. Then I get the message from her that 4 of the puppies died, from parvo, and it was all the puppies not just 4. However, she is still breeding dogs when she has had pavo on her property. She agreed to send me half of the deposit. Then come more lies, I waited two weeks for the check, must of gotten lost in the mail she said. She then sends me a tracking number that did not even exist. Weeks later I recieve half of the deposit. Now I wait again until I see from her website that she has a litter, I contact her again and again she denies having a litter. By then I had enough of her lies, I could not deal with her, she actually believes what she is saying. I told her to keep the money and I would use my time and efforts to let people know just what kind of breeder she is. First off she should have stopped breeding altogether once those puppies died from parvo. Second you do not take people’s deposits and use it, that money should stay in an account until the puppy is sold. There are plenty of good breeders out there, I stongly suggest people stay far away from this one.

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Phone: 214-642-4312