Known locally within the moving community as “brokers” without the resources to handle interstate moves, which they invariably use to stage “hostage” crises — illegally withholding the cargo of customers until they pay the “ransom” demanded by OTM — in order to exploit the willingness of the Feds to sell consumers out for the sake of licensing revenues and/or the possibility that Interstate Residential Moving is controlled by the Mob, which has its roots in this country in the Trucking Industry, whereas the Feds’ approach to dealing with the Mob has always revolved around appeasement and compromise as a matter of necessity (perhaps accounting for why the laws governing Interstate | Residential Moving are handled by a Federal licensing agency such as the DOT, as opposed to an actual Federal law enforcement agency such as the FBI, although it is far more likely that the Feds are actively using the specter of Mob influence as a “smokescreen” to facilitate to bilking rogue movers for extra revenues at the expense of consumers). All it would take for the DOT to put an end to the thousands of hostage crises plaguing the country constantly would be to utilize its authority to fine rogue movers up to $10,000 per day for breaking the law — by simply telling consumers to spend whatever funds they had intended to pay rogue movers towards replacing their cargo until the DOT gets around to | fining them — but the DOT flatly refuses to do so. In my particular scenario, I unwittingly signed a blank bill of lading when my cargo was picked up on 3/29/16 to be stored locally in Florida until I could locate an apartment in Georgia. When I notified OTM that I had located a prospective unit on 6/3/16 (a Friday), OTM promptly proceeded to demand payment upfront for transport to my new residence and to renege on its verbal agreement to charge by the actual weight of the cargo (reaffirmed when my items were picked up), claiming instead that the “high estimate” they had given me during the onsite inspection of $2,200 was actually a “flat rate” I had agreed to. Since these are behaviors singled out by | the DOT as indicators that you are dealing with a “rogue”, I immediately set about locating an alternate mover to transfer my cargo to for delivery to Georgia, only to be informed by OTM on 6/6/16 that it was already en route to Georgia at my request on 6/3/16 (I actually told OTM that I had not seen the prospective apartment yet and would get back to them once I had, which did not take place until 6/8/16) and that I would have to pay for both delivery to Georgia and transport back to Florida if I wanted to hire another mover. I proceeded to file complaints with the DOT & BBB that very same day — to no avail whatsoever, as OTM remains accredited with the BBB and listed in its directory of local movers as one of the | “businesses you can trust in Northeast Florida”, whereas the DOT still refuses to intervene 4 months after I contacted the DOT Supervisor assigned to my case directly on 8/24/16. OTM has been blatant about its criminality to the point of freely admitting to the aforementioned Supervisor that its 8/24/16 email offer for me to pick up my cargo free of charge was a fabrication and also threatening on 12/14/16 via email to auction my cargo off if the ransom is not paid immediately. Since OTM is holding a blank bill of lading with no value declared for my cargo (which OTM went out of its way to highlight when forwarding the bill to when I sought their intervention) that would leave them free to report it as | “lost” as soon as they received the upfront cash/certified funds that they started demanding in response to my complaints, payment has never been a viable option. In short, every action OTM has taken since I contacted them to alert them that I had located a prospective apartment has been designed to discourage me from going through with the transport of my cargo to Georgia, so that it could ultimately be auctioned off once it became clear that I was never going to pay the ransom. If OTM had ever intended to do anything else from the outset (especially if OTM charges for storage like they claim), they would have released my cargo to the alternate mover as I requested, sent me a bill for whatever | payment they felt was owed them and forwarded it to a collection agency if I refused to pay it for any reason — which is the legal approach and what all legitimate movers do.


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