Complaint: I used one buck resume because I wanted to use a resume template for only one time use. They offer 1$ resumes for each template that you want. I purchased one and then they charged me 1$. a week later they take 19.80$ out of my bank acount. WHAT the heck!! really? They say they charge you for a “monthly service “” but no where did I ever authorize for a monthly service so that they can take out 19.80$ out of my account. When you try to call their number

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: it is an automated message that replays over and over again. When you email them

Website: let alone even give you a LIVE person to talk to. They make you pay 1$ for a resume and then end up charging you a months worth of subscription that you had no consent to. Their defense is “” once you pay 1$ you automatically sign up for the one month. but you are free to cancel before 7 days by calling this number xxx-xxx-xxxx “” LIKE REALLY? I never authorized them to do that. and this is the biggest scam ever!!! Dont fall for it people! just trying to help the community out for people who are actually trying to find jobs and then companies like this one prey on us! taking our money! They even say they have good reviews on trust pilot. well even the reviews are scams. They were all written on the same day!! Unbelievable!”

Phone: no response. When you even try to “”live”” chat with them online