I placed an order with them on Dec 01, 2014 at 4:35am EST. After one and 1/2 weeks of no update other than the automated order confirmation I emailed them and called their customer service. After being on hold for a long time a representative came on the line and told me she would have to open a ticket. I supplied all of my information and assumed I would get a cal/emaill back. There was no reply to my email. I emailed again and called again. I was on hold for 12 mins and had to hang up (I was at work). I called back and when a representative answered she told me she would have to open a ticket. I asked her how long it takes because I already have a ticket open. She then replied “you want to buy tickets””.. I repeated my question. She put me on hold for 8 minuets and 52 seconds then hung up on me. I called right back and after being on hold for a very very long time someone answered. When I repeated the situation he was apologetic but told me that a ticket would have to be opened. I asked where the tickets go when they are filed and he provided me with an adress. I asked multiple times on both phone calls for a simple order update. They have no access to order information. I then asked the representative now to go about cancelling my order since they could not give me an update…. they need to file a ticket for a refund. I asked for a refund and to file the ticket. That was last night

we will have to see how this plays out. In addition to the two emails I sent I also emailed them on Facebook

to no avail. A simple reply would have saved the sale. I have never been more appalled by a companies lack of customer service.”

Internet USA