Jamie Osborne entered a contract with my web design company to create a web site for a radio station which is one of Mr. Osborne’s clients. Every contract that I sign with a client requires two equal installments (1/2 of the contract price which is due at signing of the contract and 1/2 which is the final payment after design is completed). | Mr. Osborne and I agreed that he was to pay the total cost of the design up front. He has failed to produce any form of payment since the signing of the contract and I have declared a breech of contract on Mr. Osborne’s behalf. I have contacted Mr. Osborne by email several times enquiring about payment, but I never get a response concerning this matter. | I would highly recommend that anyone who talks with Jamie Osborne from OneBigCity.com stear clear of any dealings as they will end up in the same situation as me….still waiting for payment.