Complaint: on December 29th I had an etransfer of money sent to my account at TD bank from my boss. When it was placed into my checking account by my acceptance, it was removed as a withdrawl of funds that was allegedly a pre authorized debit withdrawl. It appeared as ONLINEBUDG.V on my account statement. Since I did not authotrize this company or people to withdraw my money the bank checked it and stated it was a scam. I have to wait ten days to get my funds back and had to change my debit card. I never subscribed to this business on line and do not use my debit card online to order anything. I spoke to the TD bank fruad department and they said that changing my card is all we can do , it happens appeerantly all the time, in fact TD policy is to not prosecute or chgarge for these types of fruads as they are so common. I am continuing to be concerned aas I have to worry about how they got my card numbetr and pass word and how they knew that I had funds sent to my account the day before. The banks security systems are either totally weak or they just dont care. anyway hope this helps someone down the line. I dont know who these people are but i will contyiue to track them down, and if no one elese wiill deal with them I f***ing well will personally.

Tags: Hacking & Virus Protection, Internet Fraud

Address: Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Website: not sure but online budget advisor (Zef'…) seems to be the one

Phone: not known