Complaint: We were told to work with the Chamber to help get them reviews. I wanted to give out information to let chamber see what we could do. As I delved into what was being represented I found it to be very misleading. See below: What I was to present and what was actually happening was not true. Knightsdale Chamber of Commerce North Carolina GA Masters did not create all of these. At first glance the chamber shows 39 reviews Here is the truth: -At least 9 have 5 stars but no actual review -which does nothing for the chamber -At least 6 are from 2-5 years ago -Many are from people who are with GiveAway Master (and or EPI) listed below. Of the 15 reviews from 4 months ago only 7 are affiliated with Giveaway and those people do not belong to the chamber DeAnn Murdock in Giveaway lives in Salem, West Virginia, Joe Voutour in Giveaway Masters EPI lives in Snowflake AZ, Tony Bernard is a member of Giveaway Masters lives in Waterville Main, Kenny Cannon affiliated with Giveaway Masters Local Marketing is not listed in the Knightsdale members and appears to be in Giveaway. Scott Powell /Giveaway and EPI are not members of the chamber and is Giveaway? EPI Local Marketing appears to be in Givaway and is not listed in Knightsdale members. This is a far cry from getting 30-40 reviews from their chapter -Screen cast to show you the chamber info Pikesville Chamber of Commerce 2-4 months 13 reviews -2-4 months -13 reviews -Many GiveAway Master (and or EPI) people wrote the reviews -Screen cast to show you Oconee Chamber shows as a participant on Mr. Powellu2019s Epi website Both addresses Zero reviews Snowflake Arizona Chamber of Commerce -Shows 24 -Several are from GiveAway (and or Epi) -Over a period of 1-6 months -Nowhere close to 30 -40 in 30 days

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