On 9/10/13 I ordered a recliner item # 8175163 for $498. They charged my credit card that day. The website says there is 3-4 weeks for shipping and processing. After a month I sent an email about my order and was responded that your item is on backorder but we have other styles that might interest you. I asked for what styles and pricing but never got a response. After calling several times I finally reached someone named Matt who checked on the item and told me that the item is still on backorder and won’t ship until around 1/1/2014. I wasn’t in a super rush for it so I decided to wait (bad move on my part). After the new year I tried contacting them and after several emails and calls I was not getting anyone to return my calls or emails including Matt who gave his extension. I was going to dispute the charge on my credit card but because the order was placed in September I was too late. I decided to use their “talk to a live person”” on their website and was able to get a live chat with a rep. She stated that she was having trouble contacting the manufacturer

she made the owner aware of it

and she would get back to me in 24 hours…that never happened. A week later I contacted them via a live chat again where the rep stated that the item was on backorder and she contacted the factory to see when the item would come in. That’s when I was fed up and said this is the same story please cancel my order and issue me a refund. She said she would cancel the order and issue a refund and stated it would take up to 7 days (I have that conversation saved). After 9 business days and still didn’t receive the refund I contacted them again via online chat and after I told her I didn’t receive my refund yet and how aggravated I was. The rep told me to give them a moment so they can check on it. After 45 minutes they never got back to me and the session was interrupted. I tried contacting them again and this time no one answered.”

8385 Canoga Avenue Canoga Park, California USA

800 706-3111