This comapny has hands down the worst customer service that I have ever experienced and their operation is extremely shady. I am pretty sure taht they are not a legitimate business. i ordered a bed in December which was supposed to ship in 2 weeks. After about 6 weeks I began calling to find out where it was. I left multiple messages (no on ever answers the phone) and had no return calls. i also emailed the customer service email multiple times and no response. On about the 20th call a man named Garret answered the phone. He seems to be the only person working there. He told me that his system showed that the order has already been delivered although he couldl not provide any tracking information. He said he would palce another order that woudl ship “right away”” and I would receice an email. he also refered me to “”keisha: his manager and gave mer her email

which again whent no where. Of course I didn’t get an email about the new order shipping. So the calls to voicemails began again. After about another 4 weeks I managed to reach Garret again. He assured me that it was “”on the way”” and that I would receive shipping information soon. He had no explanaiton for not returning about 20 voice messages except that they are “”busy after Christmas””. After more time passed with no bed I sent an email requesting cancellation of the order. Miraculously I received a response to this one! The response said that they woudl be happy to cancel my order

but that I could not consider the cancellation final until they sent “”written confimation””. Of course they never sent a confirmation. I have since read numerous reports online of similar experiences. I am very suspicious that this is a sham operation and you need to STAY AWAY if you value your time and money. Clearly I have been scammed for $460 but it coudl have been a lot worse so BEWARE!”

8385 Canoga Ave Canoga Park, California USA