This company showed up at my mother-in-law’s door claiming to be from the government and saying that they needed to inspect her furnace. She’s 88 years old, and is frightened if anyone says they’re from a government agency because she wants to make sure she complies with any laws. The person who entered her home examined her furnace and told her she needs to spend $400 to repair it. They set an appointment for tomorrow. When she told us, we contacted the company right away to tell them to cancel the appointment and to remove the $400 charge from her credit card. They refused to do so. They said that she signed a contract (which she did not) and that they would not return her money. We have told her that she is not to open her door for them when they come tomorrow, and we have contacted the local police in case she needs to call them. It is appalling that these people prey on little old ladies and that they refuse to obey the law (you have 10 days to cancel a contract you signed in your home — but she did not even sign one!). The owner of the company was rude, belligerent and insisted that he would not refund the money even though the service has never been performed. BEWARE OF THESE DISGUSTING PEOPLE. WARN YOUR ELDERLY PARENTS ABOUT THEM! We will be filing complaints with the BBB and Consumer and Corp Affairs, as well as with the local police. We are also contacting our lawyer…who just happens to be my father.

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