I hired Sueli Costa and her company Opera Fashion Group in 2008 i thought they were a legitimate company doing business in new york, it turned out they were not registered to do business with the state at all (and i have proof). ni ordered a private line order with them (which means i designed and they were going to produce a line of bathing suits and accessories for my own line, so i would sell online. several months went by and this woman and her company sent me defective merchandise, merchandise completely different than what i ordered, things that were unfinished, dirty and totally wrong. nSueli Costa and her company Opera Fashion Group, refused to take returns, return my money and simply stopped communicating. after a long period of a trial in Civil Court New York, the judge awarded me $25,000 plus damages having found Sueli Costa AND Opera Fashion Group INC liable and responsible.n nSueli Costa and her company refuse to pay the judgment and closed all her bank accounts in an effort to evade justice. she continues to do business online, with a huge presence online, as if not having a care in the world. nthere is an outstanding judgment against both Sueli Costa and Opera Fashion Group INC, you can read the judgment at the State of New York Civil Court Website, the number for the case is index number 35989 CVN 2009

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