Complaint: Ronald Hayward the CEO of Opiate Awareness Institute in Seminole, Florida is a complete SCAM! As is the Opiate Awareness Institute itself — both SCAMS!!! They do not even have an actual physical office as their address says. The office address checked out to be a parking lot! Mr. Hayward lives on a 17 foot sailboat docked at the Madera Beach Municipal Marina in Seminole, Florida. He is a major hustler and an Ex-Con — a convicted Felon! Beware! He does not even have a job because of his criminal record. He does not even have a bank account. Every donation made to the Opiate Awareness Institute is for his own personal use, for operating his boat, etc. Sadly, I know of several elderly people, several sick people who have donated to this Con-man. Do not donate to this fraudulent organization or to Ronald Hayward — do not give them your credit card number or you will regret it!

Tags: Non-Profit Charities

Address: 11225 Park Blvd., Suite 104-133 Seminole, Florida USA


Phone: (727) 379-4034