I went to Dr Peck located in Optima Health Center in Eau Claire and was told by her that I had Lymes Disease. I was given large amounts of antibiotics to get rid of Lymes that I had. What had caused three trips to emergency rooms and weeks of suffering wasn’t Lymes disease but my sleep apnea machine. I was being hydro carbon poisoned because the filter was plugged which caused the unit to emit toxic fumes into my body while sleeping. In any event, I later developed thrush because of all the antibiotics Dr Peck has prescribed to me. Thrush is a common side effect that’s brought on by taking too many antibiotics. In any event I kindly asked Dr Peck if I could get some nystatin for the thrush I had. I did this via email. I never got a reply so I emailed her again and let her know that I didn’t care for getting no reply. After all, I was suffering a side effect because of her misdiagnosis so I figured the least she could do is call me in some Nystatin…it’s pretty much equivelent to cough syrup. Then I recieved a phone call from a very rude police officer. His name was Art Nelson. He told me to not call Optima Health Center or Dr Peck again or I would be cited some citation. The owner of the Optima Health called me after the police officer told me not to call them. I mentioned this to Art Nelson but he said it’s ok for them to call you but you can’t call them. I’m thinking to myself “what kind of fried rice has this person ate lately.” Bill Bauer appologised several times for what had happened and said he would look into the matter and get back to me. He agreed that the Nystatin should have been prescribed by Dr Peck and agreed that the doctor was being diffucult. I explained to Bill Bauer that I felt it was a form of racketeering to require me to come and pay for an office call when a prescription should be called in. He basically agreed to that too. On the way home from his vacation I recieved a text from Bill Bauer, the owner of Optima Health saying pretty much the same thing again that he had said when he called me about a week earlier. How sorry he was etc. Mind you, this was long after I had recieved the call from Eau Claire’s finest Art Nelson threatening me. Yes threatening me that I would be cited or arrested if I called Optimal Health or Dr Susan Peck. In any event, I would say that Dr Peck is a first class quack that I wouldn’t take my dog to after what I experienced. She prescribed $40.00 vitamin cocktails via intervenious needle. If she wasn’t coming in the next week ya didn’t get one. She a quack…period. In addition to her negligence she stood my wife up once by cancelling an appointment ( my wife had gone all the way to the clinic only to find out Dr Peck was not coming in ) and she cancelled two appointments with me. What kind of doctor does that? Furthermore she fed me alot of antibiotics which I got the thrush from and where did I get my much needed Nystatin? From my dentist of 30 years. Yes I called my dentist and he knew right away it was from all the antibiotics Dr Peck had prescribed. He issued a prescription over the phone right away. The above said, do you think Dr Peck could give a damn that I was poisoned and report or help report my sleep apnea machine poisoning to the proper authorities? The answer to that question is no. Once she found out the doctoring would be coming to an end I was nothing to her. My advise is this. STEER CLEAR of Dr Susan Peck, located in the Optima Health Center, she could care less about you. I should have sued Dr Peck. I still think about doing that sometimes even to this day. It’s amazing how the woman could have the b**** she had to do what she did and then top it off with a call to the police department. The reason I don’t sue is because Bill Bauer was a long time aquantance and I believe if I would have sued Dr Peck, the attorney’s would have wanted to add Optima Health to the list since the appointments are made through Optima Health… for Dr Peck. Bill Bauer never did get back to me as promised.

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