I used to have a business at the Kyrene Commerce Center in Tempe at 5865 S Kyrene and was driven out by Jerry Levan. The former landlord was great but sometime in 2008 Biltmore Holdings bought the building and they brought this old geezer Jerry Levan in as property management. Soonafter his nice guy introduction he and his 5 old ladies that work for him started complaining about our business. First it was the blinds on our windows, then our pallets stacked up out front. Soonafter we got a nasty threatening letter from his, well not his but Biltmores attorneys telling us to fix the small insignificant things they didnt like or they would evict us. Mind you we still had another 2 years on our lease. He is a nasty old fart and has 5 old hags working for him. They also complained about some of my employees of different races. I ended up finding another space for my shipping company and moved out soonafter. I would definetly recommend not renting any space from Levan, Optimus, Bromont, or any other of his aliases he hides behind.

5861 s kyrene tempe, Arizona United States of America

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