Two years ago, summer 2015, while visiting Myrtle Beach, SC, we signed up for a vacation package for $999.00 with Orange Lake Capital Management, they are the timeshare company with International Hotel Group (IHG)-Holiday Inn, etc. Back in February 2017 they stopped deducting from our checking account. I had called and they told me we were all paid up. We finally chose our dates (as you cannot choose dates, but can choose location before you have it paid off) for July. We’ve called many, many times and verified 1. we were paid off and 2. everything was a go. They have also sent 4-5 confirmation emails as well. In June, 2017, we received a strange email from them stating our vacation package was cancelled. After hours and hours of research, I was finally told that it was cancelled due to an unpaid balance of $138.60. I asked why they stopped charging our bank account (it was a bank account, not even a credit card). The customer service rep stated they didn’t know but they would annotate our account. The same CSR finally contacted me 5 days later that we would first need to send an email with my bankcard information. I thought it was strange, because initially, when we had to call them after we had gotten our new cards in the mail, they were able to take our payment information via the phone. At anyrate, after I received the run around talking to many, many different people, being transferred from department to department, I was finally told that I had to pay the balance by providing my card information in writing before they would reinstate my account. Not one person would ever tell me why they even cancelled our account and vacation package. I had explained to many people via email and phone call that all they had to do was call and I’d have gotten the $138.60 taken care of over the phone. Finally I was told to contact Don Larson via fax. I was like, wth? via fax? Really? I was also told that once I did pay the balance they would review my account and then determine whether or not they would even reinstate my account. The last CSR I spoke to, Jerry, would not even listen, he kept talking over me and after asking him to please stop talking so that I could explain my situation he still kept talkin nonsense over me!!! Finally, I said, Jerry, please shut up so I can talk, I’ve asked you many times and you are not listening. He then stated, well sir, I’m hanging up now. and he did!!! Do not do any service with these guys, IHG and Orange Capital is a rip off! Now we will likely not get a refund. I’m filing a complaint with the BBB and the Virginia Common Weath Consumer agency. I know some people claim to have had a positive experience, however, I’m out over $800 that they will not refund and if I want my vacation package, I have to pay a balance first before they will even consider possibly, maybe reinstating my account and package! Seems like Orange Lake will wait until your final payment, cancel, not refund and you are screwed.

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