I purchased a 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander from orange park Mitsubishi (new) The vehicle had less than 10,000 miles when it started having issues So far my vehicle has been in their service center over 4 times same issue (leaking coolant & over heating) and they can’t figure it out. I’ve been stranded and missed work because of this vehicle multiple times. Now not only do I have same issue (coolant & overheating) but a new and even more serious issue.(will not accelerate and has a warning light that says slow down transmission overheating) So I took it back to the dealer. The only time I get any updates as to the status is if I call and even then I get told we will call you back and never get a return call. I called today after almost a week of no news, I’m annoyed and even more confused I was told by Berry that the transmission needed replaced (day after I went to have it fixed) he said they knew that but was figuring out the coolant leak…now today Mark basically tells me the tech drove my car and can’t find any issues with the transmission (even though it wouldn’t accelerate and a warning light came on while i was taking it there) but wait there’s more (just like a bad infomercial) they still don’t know where coolant is going. So this new hunk of junk has been sitting there either not looked at for almost a week or I was lied to either way I’m furious. This has been an ongoing issue and I am at my breaking point of trying to resolve it.


  • Name: Orange Park Mitsubishi
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Jacksonville
  • Address: 8105 Blanding Blvd
  • Phone: 855-851-0142
  • Website: www.mitsubishijax.com/