I was pulled over by Peel region Police for First level inspection and got issued a few tickets, and that was also the day I should have gotten my Pay-Cheque and they Refused to issue me not even a single dollar although they had to pay me my last Three trips equaling over $3000, and I Requested them again and again to issue me something even 4-500$ so that I can get groceries but they didn’t and told me I got the tickets so they won’t and I quit that day (although I found out after 4 months that no company can hold back any employees pay for any traffic tickets or fines that are in court) . And after 4 months as I was on my work with another company taking a load to California my wife called and told me Ontario DOT has sent a letter that my license is suspended because of unpaid tickets, these were the same tickets that I got with Orbit freight ltd and they had kept my Pay cheque on hold for that and they even didn’t let me fight my own tickets as they told me their own company lawyer is going to fight the tickets and I have to pay for the lawyer fees. They should have paid my tickets from my pay they kept on hold but didn’t. I had to pay for parking in California truckstop at $20/day and buy tickets for a flight back to Toronto from California. And then when I went to get my paycheque from them they cut $1000 for late delivery whereas that late delivery I had notified them that I Fell from my truck footsteps and badly hurt my kneecap and couldn’t use my right leg a day before that delivery was due and they told me at that time it’s ok, I can deliver whenever I feel good to drive. That load was a LTL load with 5 deliveries in U.S and they cut $1000 for first late delivery and $500 for second late delivery. And one more instance once I took a scrap metal load to Ohio and the customer in Ohio took 7 hrs to unload my trailer and it was almost 3:30 pm and dispatch sent me a pickup from Garnier beauty products and pickup was more than an hour away from where I was delivering my scrap metal load and the shipper closed at 5 pm. | I told dispatch that the trailer was very dirty and the nearest Blue-beacon truck wash was more than an hour off my route to the shipper and I won’t be able to make it on time to pickup if I wash the trailer. Dispatch told me to Just Broom out the scrap from the trailer and take it to the shipper if they Load it then it’s ok if they don’t then we’ll pickup tomorrow, so I Broomed the trailer and the shipper loaded me. But While paying me for that trip Orbit told me that the customer complained that the trailer was too dirty and there products packaging got dirty and have fined about $600-800 and charged me for that aswell. If anyone from my company wishes to challenge my statements and take me to court I’m ready for that and I think the late delivery charges for the LTL load were all just made up by Orbit and there was NO Late delivery charges and even if there were I already had notified them a day before of my injury and they can’t charge me for that and for that Garnier load I have saved text messages conversation with dispatch and dispatch telling me to use the broom to clean the trailer. I’m suing Orbit anyways for holding my paycheque for over 4 months and then getting my license suspended for not paying my tickets


  • Name: Orbit Freight Ltd
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • City: Mississauga, Ontario
  • Address: 1704 Meyerside Dr
  • Phone: 905-565-1750
  • Website: orbitfreight.ca/