While I was trying to book a flight for two passengers on orbitz.com the search came up with a price for our trip and when we proceeded to book our trip the price was still the same through the check out process. Right when I pressed the final book button the webpage sent me to the search page again. We thought this was a technical error so we called the orbitz costumers service number. After talking to the person they tell me they see the same price as I was looking online, after going through the entire booking process over the phone right when she tries get the transaction done she tells me that the price has change. I informed this person that the price hasn’t change online, to which she explained that the airfares change quickly. All this process took over an hour and the price still was the same online. When I asked to speak with a manager he informs me that the price was the same one that I was looking online. When we go through the booking process(for the 3 time now) with the manager the same thing happened, the price mysteriously change right when he was going to process the payment. I informed him that this was false advertisement since the price online hadn’t change in 2 hours. So now he transfers me to his manager( this being the managers boss) I explain the situation and he tells me that he is sorry but there is nothing that he can do because there is no one to pay the difference between the advertised price and the price they wanted to charge me over the phone. Don’t book with orbitz, the price online may change and they will not honor it!! If the price is the same for more than two hours and still was after I finish the call IT IS FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!

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