Hi Everyone, This is Berkan from San Diego. I had bought ticket from Orbitz from Lon Angeles to Istanbul-Turkey. My flight was through Canada. I had a transit-pass at Canada but I wouldn’t able to get in the craft. They asked me my transit visa. They told me that Canada Government asks for transit visa from the transit passangers who are from Turkey and from couple other countries. They didn’t let me get in the craft. They just suggest me to call Orbitz to help me. They also told me that Orbitz had to warn me before about this issue. If I would bought my ticket from small travel agency, they would definitely warned me about this issue. Because I know one of my friend had same issue but her travel agency warned her before she got that ticket. Anyways, the problem is , when I call Orbitz, they just told me that my tickets value is 0$. They told me that they wouldn’t refund me anything. I talked on the phone almost 6 hours. Yes, I’m serious almost 6 hours. My phone had died and I had ncharged it again and again to talk with them. Finally they said that ” we are not able to get a ticket for today after this time

but you can buy your own ticket

then just send us your ticket receipt to us. If your airlines will not refund your ticket

we are guaranteeing that we are going to full refund of your second ticket that you are just going to buy it. You just need to let us know the cost of the ticket before you booked it up.”” I said “”Okay”” then I found a ticket which costs was 1597$

then I called them and let them know about the cost of the ticket. They said “” this amount is okay for us. You are going to get nfull refund if your previous ticket will not be refunded.”” I asked them 3 times to make sure and avoid misunderstanding.””I’m going to buy my ticket now