IF you try to purchase business or first class tickets from orbitz BEWARE!! The price they quote you on the itinerary selection page for first class and business class BECOMES ECONOMY WITHOUT NOTIFYING YOU when you go to pay. I caught this on EVERY SINGLE ATTEMPT TO PURCHASE THAT HONORED THE QUOTED PRICE. IF the itinerary did keep the first class and business class tickets that it quoted at a cheap price, when you went to purchase it TRIPLED THE PRICE!!!. There is no delay as they say on the phone. I had three sites going real time all at once. While I went to book the EXACT SAME ITINERARY on one screen that was now increasing my price from $6500 with TAX to $25000 the other screen refreshed to $5800 for the EXACT SAME ITINERARY. IF THIS IS NOT A SCAM THEN WHAT IS????? I spent and HOUR on the phone with phone support that could not get the same advertised price at the exact same time Below $17,000 when the site was then quoting me $4800!! WHAT A RIP OFF!!!

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