Lori from Orlando Singles now real Orlando Singles, (they changed their name, clue not reputable) told me she was like the the Millionaire Matchmaker, that she had millionnaire clients. Sincd I was just recently widowed, Lori induced me saying she would match me with widowers like myself, even gave me the names of two widowers to match me with that never materialized. It was all nonsense. She never did. Their website of available men was limited, mostly divorced or no longer members. Guess they figured out Orlando Singles was a ripoff. Lori is manipulative. She told me I was a princess,(gag) did everything she could to get my credit card, touted the fact they did background checks. I don’t know if that’s true. No evidence this was actually done. They allegedly did a background on me which I paid for and when I asked for the check, she refused and would not give me a copy. Bottom line, Lori took advantage of me, a recently widowed senior for gain to the tune of $3,200. Taking advantage of seniors in Florida should be illegal. This company takes advantage of people. Even employees of this company on corroborate they are crooks taking advantage of clients and are deceptive for gain which should be illegal I this State. | I filed a complaint with the State of Florida and to my amazement Attorney General Pam Bondi responded she had no jurisdiction over this company who does business in the State of Florida. There are many references on the Internet where Great Expectations aka Orlando Singles aka Real Orlando Singles was sued by the State of Florida and paid damages to victims. Orlando Singles and all there aks’s should refund money to their victims for deceptive business practices and also should be put out of business For deceive business practices They work on commission and lie for gain. I am not the only victim. There are many. This fraudulent company has many victims and ripe for a good law firm to file a class action Lawsuit. I have more evidence to provide and will be happy to assist in putting this business out of business.


  • Name: Orlando Singles
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Maitland
  • Address: Map485 N Keller Road, Suite 171
  • Phone: (407) 917-0162
  • Website: www.realorlandosingles.com