Yes I went in August 4th and purchased a car had it close to a month when I was notified that my income was basically false which is not accurate I have a full time where taxes or taken out of my check as well as a part time job where I pay taxes quarterly on it. After I reached out to my sale person who was very nice when I got the car an asked him about the welcome package I never received from the finance he then told me I needed to fill out a tax form for them to get my transcripts which was not a problem after over a week I get a call that in the evening that their finance company proclaims that income is not enough because I took a lose of a small amount on my taxes mind your I make over 70k yearly from just one job. An not to mention I just in July 31,17 paid off a pick up truck I had in full only reason I didn’t go back to the peopl whom I got the pick up from is because they didn’t have the vehicle I was looking for. | So after being reached late that evening about finding a co signer or returning the car the next morning I contact a bank where I got approved off my own income NO co signer with a better rate Otto Source were charging me 72mos for a car with $19k an it’s really not worth that much do to the fact the car has been involved in a accident which I wasn’t notified previously. An the bank that has approved me alone is only doing the financing for 36mos again do the math on how much I’m saving. Once I contacted my sales person again who was polite at first until in his words I will be in trouble for tax invasion when I have proof where I pay my taxes quarterly an asked about the downpayment I put down I was told I wouldn’t have any type of answe until Monday afternoon when the owner comes back from out of the country( hmmm). Then I was told out of downpayment I put down I would be charged for each mile that was put on the car which seems unfair especially since I’ve had the car for really close to a month now but hey whatever. So I asked could I keep the car until they cut me check for the downpayment I put down I was immediately that I couldn’t do that. Hmmm I felt that was very wrong as well. So something told me to go look at their website when I when on their website I see they had already posted the car back on their website as Newly Listed I had originally got the car for $19k but now it’s on the website for $20k with 58,000 miles which is very wrong an it’s a 2014 brilliant black Audi but my biggest problem is that I still have the car in my care weird yes I know. But who else gets the car next place close attention to the left side of the hood where the car has been damaged as well the paint is already peeling off which I had took the car back like a week an a half later about that matter was told all the extra packages I paid for would cover that but when I took it back for that reason all of a sudden I didn’t have coverage for that so they tried buffing the car which made it look even worser then before. An if you feel I’m being untruthful when you go online to look at the car the windows are not tinted but now they car cause I paid $275 to get the windows tinted. I wouldn’t recommend unless you use your own finance company that won’t allow you to be messed over.. Thank you for the little service I was provided


  • Name: OttoSource
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Dallas
  • Address: 2682 Forest Ln
  • Phone: 972-247-4476
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