I am furious. My granddaughter was born on April 17,2011. The day after she was born, Our365newborn Photography was in the hospital and took pictures of her the day after her birth. They took some georgeous pictures. I was thrilled. They put them on a jumpdrive and I paid approx. 360 dollars. A couple of weeks after we were home and had the baby on a routine, I wanted to view the pictures. I sat down at my computer put in the disk and couldn’t find the pictures. I tried calling the hospital several times to get a hold of them to tell me how I was suppose to open up the pictures to see it. There was no answer. I did not have a phone number or address to call them. I tried looking on line for their phone number and had no luck. I tried many times to open the pictures. No luck. I have had several friends who were computer savy try to open it and they told me no pictures were on there. I finally went to a professional three months ago to see if she could find my pictures on my jumpdrive. She told me, What i was dreading to hear. NO PICTURES!!!! I am so heart broken. I want them to find my pictures of my granddaughter and put them on a disk and give me my money back. How can they live with themselves doing this to families. I am just sick to my stomach. I am soooo hurt.


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