I would like to let the general public know of the experience and consumer OPINION I have had with overnightmattress.com. this company boasts a product guarantee, as well as a 20 year warranty on their product. I had to inquire about their warranty due to a defective product which was acknowledged by the company as listed below. I have also been intentionally disregarded by this company in communications. I started talking with them on 5/3/10 and today is 6/8/10 and still have not been contacted by this company with a solution that is reasonable. I have listed the dates of the correspondence so you can see how they have intentionally not responded to me, even though one of their employees has told me this wasnt the case (below). I have sent multiple emails to this company during this time period and each have came back as read by the company. 5/2 my initial email to companyMy wife and I purchased a King size Mattress from your company about a year ago. We have enjoyed the improved rest we have gotten since we bought this mattress, however we are having a problem with the mattress which is supposed to have a 20 year warranty. The top layer of memory foam is pulling away from the base of the mattress on both sides of the mattress. Being that it has only been approximately one year since we purchased this mattress, I feel like it will not last more than 3-4 years. I want to know if this is covered by your warranty and if so what can be done. 5/14 response after several emails to companyI did received your email on the 3rd of May. I forwarded it to our warranty department. I just checked with him and for some reason it was not received. We moved our corporate office and he did lose some of his emails. I sincerely apologize and did forward both emails again. Mr. Chan from the warranty department will contact you to resolve any issues. We do strive to provide good customer service as well as a quality product. I hope you understand that this was a communication error and not intentional 5/26 after sending pictures and multiple requests for responseWe did receive the pictures you sent. It looks like what has happened is that the Memory Foam and the Support have managed to come apart in some areas due to the lack of adhesive used to fuse those 2 parts together. Here is what we can do. Under our warranty policy we can have you send back the mattress core and we can properly adhere the 2 foams together which will totally take care of the problem, however you will have to package the mattress and you would be responsible for the freight charges back to us. We will take care of the shipping back to you. The other option, which will be the simplest and most cost effective is that we can send you a can of the industrial spray adhesive we use and it will be very simple for you to just spray the adhesive on the material let it sit for a few hours and that is it. this is the final response and I have sent letters requesting a better solution as we spent $1000 + on their product and didnt feel it was a good solution, the email was read and no response again. DO NOT TRUST OVERNIGHT MATTRESS.

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