Contracted through to list my home. I was enticed due to the agreement I would have “live expert support

“” listing on “”20+ real estate sites

“” “”highlighted in search results”” and listing on the “”top 3 real estate sites””. These are for the listing. For an additional charge

you would also have an MLS account created which will feed to which ever sites pull from MLS. So to report the following: – Live Expert Support – This is impossible to have anyone on the phone or even virtually to give live expert support (non-existent) – 20+ Real Estate Sites – You receive an page on their site. This does not feed to any other sites or maybe just mine didn’t. I called and emailed regarding this for months but no expert support nor resolution – Highlighted in search results – there never was anything highlighted in any search result and they do not have search results on any real estate pages. MLS Account: – This is suppose to be in addition to the above and does not provide 20+ accounts This service has not provided any of the conditions on why I signed up for besides getting me in touch with an realtor to list my home on MLS

which is secondary to everything above. Resolution. I called and emailed over several months since I was paying for this service and not receiving any of my contracted and agreed upon services