Complaint: I attended this school for a year and recently graduated summer 2017. This is one beautiful school, one of the reasons I decided to attend was because of the luxurious layout and decor. The establishment is actually a mansion, which once was a restaurant, now a beauty school. Every room has a different concept and design which kind of enamored me! Little did I know this school was going to be a headache and a total rip off! First lets start with what your supposed to get in terms of classes, education and training. I was under the impression we would be fully learning all aspects of cosmetology as far as barbering, nail care, skin care, makeup, coloring, cutting and styling. We all are supposed to get certified in barbering, brazillian blow out classes, extension clasees, hair coloring classes and also at the completion of your 1500 hours, get a Photo Shoot, done by the administrator (brooke)… I graduated not recieving, or taking the barber class, brazillian blow out class, nor did I get my photo shoot. We never did nails unless it was painting little girls nails for the princess parties, Thats just for starters. My first week of school was went smooth until I got to Saturday class, ten minutes late, and was greeted by a teacher saying “did you call to say you were going to be late?”” meanwhile

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Address: amongst a whole group of classmates! (embarassing) I proceded to tell her I was late because I left my phone at home and had to double back. She then told me I have to call in advance and advise teachers when you are running late and how she was “”Letting me slide”” this time! Now

Website: and proceded to get ready to start my saturday until I realized another student (caucasian) walking in late. So I calmly observed just to see if she was going to get embarassed for being late as well. NOT AT ALL. The teacher calmly pulled her to the side and spoke to her like an adult

Phone: I couldnt argue that because I was indeed late