I purchased a refrigerator from PC Richards (PCR) almost 4 years ago and have had nothing but problems… PCR has been to the house over 15 times and charged me hundreds of dollars for the first few visits and the problem persists…. They stopped charging me after the 7th or 8th visit but still have not fixed the issue… | I have spent hours of time and the cost of not working as well as hundreds of dollars in lost food and PCR does not care… They now state they KNOW IT IS A SAMSUNG PROBLEM and have referred me to SAMSUNG… washing their hands of it even though I bought it from them. | I asked why they still sell the product knowing it does not work and they know it has the problem with the ice maker and temperature control and they said they have to to compete… SO….. PC RICHARDS is knowingly selling a product they know does not work…. THIS IS FRAUD… PC RICHARDS IS KNOWINGLY PARTICIPATING IN CONSUMER FRAUD. | I will never use them again and make sure anyone I speak to is aware and tell them not to use them….


  • Name: P. C. Richard & Son
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Farmingdale
  • Address: 150 Price Pkwy
  • Phone: (877) 727-1909
  • Website: www.pcrichard.com/