Complaint: I went in to PJ Clarkes (On the Hudson) Restaurant on Mother’s Day of 2010 and purchased two gift cards. Both were in the amount of 50 dollars. I gifted one to my sister and one to my mother. My parents came all the way from NJ to dine at PJ Clarkes and use their gift card only to be denied by the waitress who said that there was no money on the card. My parents ended up paying out of their pocket for a meal that was supposed to be a gift. My sister’s card also did not have money on it. I emailed several different contacts from their website and got a very nice response back from one of the manager’s who said they were going to send me 2 new gift cards, each for 100 dollars this time. Months went by and I did not receive any gift cards in the mail. I contacted them again and did not receive any response. A couple of months after that, I finally received the gift cards and I gifted them again to my mother and sister. A couple of weeks later, my parents told me that yet again they traveled into the city to use their gift card and they were told there was no money on the card. When they asked to speak to a manager they were told by the waitress that there was no manager. I have been emailing for months and calling only to be told to call back another time or to speak to a different manager. When threatening to sue, however, I finally received a response from one of the manager’s saying how truly sorry they are and that they are evaluating my case. I have yet to receive a refund or further response.

Tags: Restaurants

Address: 250 vesey street new york, New York United States of America


Phone: 212.285.1500