If I could give them zero stars I would. And respectfully this review covers my experience as a potential renter and them holding my paperwork for approximately 3 weeks. First off, I was recommended using a locator at Valley King who ran my credit check preliminary qualified me. Nuvia instructed us to go to a home located in the Camelback area in which I looked at the home and absolutely loved it. I did notice the for sale sign in the front yard and questioned the property being sold because in fact I had no intentions on moving again anytime soon, she stated nothing to worry about the new owner would have to honor the property as rental property. Myself knowing that is NOT the case. Needless to say I was happy and excited and she stated she was going to start running my application. Which was never done in the first week, she waited a week never answered her phone calls, texts, nor did she return any voice mails. The second week comes she contacts the locator instead of me, and says someone has put money on the property to purchase it, nonetheless as of today 3 weeks later the property has not been purchased and they said the potential buyer backed out, but they still have that property up for rent and up for sale. I was forced to look at a condo on 33rd avenue and Northern area, where in fact there is an owner and they are looking for a renter, still have my application fee that hasnt been processed and a holding deposit since the first unit, however, she states, the owner is in there you can rent this condo but we dont know when the owner plans on leaving. Once again, totally unprofessional and illegal to hold a holding deposit on any unit that they intentionally know is NOT available at the intended time to rent without disclosing it. She did however say he was there, but had no definitive date of availability or when this owner would be out to rent the unit. I still get no answers its the second week, she refused to answer any phone calls so I drove there to their location on my day off, there were two other sets of families also waiting for her, because apparently she kept their paperwork for two weeks or better did the same thing but to tell them here take your paperwork back and they were in fact declined unless they wanted to rent a slum apartment in a dangerous neighborhood. So I explain my situation, my application fee I will ask to be returned because I am the person that called out of state and employer and etc… to get my own information verified because she waited almost two weeks to even begin verification. I also had my move out forms from my last apartment and went above and beyond to prove to this company the last situation was retaliation and that they paperwork was filled out incorrectly. the City of Phoenix has verified all of my statements to be exactly true and correct may I add. Thus, this is the entire third week, she says I’m not declined from PJ Hussey to rent Im qualified, they dont’ have anything for me now and I can come pick up my paperwork after three weeks of being homeless and waiting for Nuvia and this company. Mind you while in our meeting I took pictures of spreadsheets with all available properties, my receipt for the application and holding fee on the house that is still available, and to make things top over, they asked me to go against a government agency and do something illegal that just cannot be done with Section 8. Im going to pick up my paperwork, and demand all of my money back, I even called a local attorney to follow up with me on the specifics who also requested that a document be given to me so he can follow up legally with the outside company. Also, I reported them verbally to Section 8, I’m going to make sure that I do so in writing as well. If your looking for excellent management, don’t go here, if your looking for a place to live, don’t go to PJ Hussey, they will only hold your entire process up according to what they want to do when they feel like it. It’s only when somebody sues them for the shady business practices someone will learn. Nuvia absolutely knows nothing about the business I assume. Patti the alleged owner good luck on her EVER returning your phone call. My experiences in life has always been correct, if the workers underneath the owner or CEO don’t know what or how they need to do their jobs, then she obviously is allowing a lot of illegal conversations and unprofressional business practices to take place, being a realtor I would assume this wasnt the case however IT IS! So I will go everywhere I can on the Internet and file an official complaint….


  • Name: P.J. Hussey & Associates
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Phoenix
  • Address: 3855 W Glendale Ave
  • Phone: 623-930-7700
  • Website: www.pjhussey.com/