We are in the process of really getting ripped off by PODS and judging from ripoffscams.com, we aren’t alone. We planned a move from a Chicago suburb to a city near Minneapolis/St. Paul just inside Wisconsin so that we could be closer to a relative that has been in and out of the hospital several times in recent weeks, including a trip to intensive care. While we didn’t know the exact city, we had a detailed phone conversation with their toll free customer service about the location options we were interested in which were in a fairly tight circle in terms of location. Boy DID THEY SEE US COMING WITH MONEY IN OUR POCKETS! We were told that since they needed to put in a city for the order completion, how about putting in Hudson, WI and we said that would be fine. BIG MISTAKE! After picking up our 4 filled pods and shipping them to their warehouse in a northern twin city suburb, we find out that ONLY Hudson is a viable location for them to drop off to and they can’t legally deliver to any of the other cities we provided to them that were previously just fine, including our location. This is after they actually were late getting our pods to the warehouse which meant an extra 5 or so days without our stuff due to the holiday weekend. Likewise, it took a few days for one of the reps to ask if we wanted them to research the issue – are you serious? We were begging them to check for the call recording for days and then they tell us, after days, it will take several more days to investigate the calls.As several other customers note for complaints on this site, we are now stuck in PODS “customer service/platinum”” chaos while customer service agents(meaning when we call) repeat scripted replies that we tell them here is what you will say but that doesn’t address our issue so please listen to us. We don’t receive call backs when they are supposed to come as they review call records to find out how we had the “”misperception”” that our location would be a location Pods would deliver to. They also would be happy to use their ripoff full service moving partner that I won’t name as they didn’t do anything wrong but no way will I put money in the pocket of someone that does business for the benefit of PODS. We are told that all phone calls are recorded so we can’t wait to hear “”I’m sorry but we lost that call recording where we ask about all of the locations so we don’t know how you had the misperception…..”” That is coming for sure.At this point

we are watching the clock tick as we call other “”day job”” movers to help us – finding most will not go into the Pods warehouse for insurance reasons. Hopefully someone in the Minneapolis media will help us resolve this issue in a timely fashion as PODS just took advantage of us to rip us off. What is the most galling is a canned message that will follow this Pods Ripoff Scams to say please contact us – WE ALREADY ARE but currently sit in an empty duplex with my wife in tears. The company isn’t interested in listening

just repeating canned messages. I had to laugh when the last customer service rep asked if we wanted them to go against their insurance policy and deliver to an area they are not authorized to enter. Of course I said no but their “”PODS”” money sure could pay another company to do so since that is the service we paid for.I expect to expand this complaint as this plays out as we don’t want other good people to get ripped off by Pods.”

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