WARNING: This is a fake law firm!!!!!

Method of operation:

Step 1: Establish a website in Canada and operate out of Canada.

Step 2: Establish a virtual office in the U.S. to give the company legitimacy.

Step 3: Find out information about people who were defrauded and contact them.

Step 4: Persuade the defrauded victim to retain the services of the fraudulent law firm.

Step 5: Persuade the defrauded victim to sign documents and send a payment to retain services.

Step 6: Payment is received at the virtual office mail service and then forwarded to an address in Canada.

Step 7: The fraudulent law firm establishes a time to shut down the operation as soon as it collects enough money from the victims. By the time the authorities are on to the operation it is too late.

I hope that I saved someone from these nefarious individuals

“Please read the F.B.I. fraud alerts to receive information on how to spot these fake law firms.”


RGD. I demand Shut website down.. Stay away

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