PA GROUP THE WORST HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY EVER | I had an accident and broke my femur in November 2018 and still waiting for the claim to be settled. The Doctor has been patiently waiting for payment but will now have no choice but to pursue me. | PA GROUP BORDERLINE FRAUD? I’m asking the question | I have submitted all requested documents. Only a partial payment to date. | PA GROUP – not there when you need them | I had an accident on November 23, 2019. I was admitted to the doctor and required emergency surgery for a broken femur. PA Group has tried to avoid paying this claim. There was a total max agreed amount to pay the doctor in the amount of $15,396 USD. | The Doctor understood that this was the max he would be paid and he would then collect from me the $10,000 deductible (Total $25,396). PA Group has been very shady using this tactic. They instead deducted $10,000 from the agreed amount and paid the Doctor $5,396. | If they do not pay, the Doctor will sue me and I will be responsible for paying this shortfall. This is on top of the $10,000 deductible I paid to the doctor. I have been fighting this since. On March 8th they sent me an email saying it was being escalated and under review. | PA GROUP Delay Tacticts | On May 6th they asked for a revised “Factura” or invoice so that they could proceed with the claim. This was sent to them immediately. Then they lost it. It was then sent again on May 28th. They then lost it again. It was resent on August 14th. they said they would escalate again to get payment out. | On August 30th they finally confirmed that they had all the documentation required to make the payment. On September 24th they sent me an email saying they are still working on the case. It is clear that they are stalling and hoping i go away. Meanwhile I continue to pay monthly insurance premiums for insurance that cannot be relied upon. | PA GROUP takes your premiums but does not deliver | We have recently submitted some small miscellaneous claims and they are doing the exact same thing!!! This company is a | Total premiums paid one excess of $10,000 USD over 2 years. | This company is a sad example of what is wrong with the world. Pure greed and zero care for their customer.


  • Name: PA Group
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Coral Gables
  • Address: 1901 Ponce de Leon Blvd
  • Phone:
  • Website: