On November 3rd, I was scrolling through Craigslist and places to get a puppy, this ad was posted with the lady saying she was in Anchorage. I got in contact with her because I loved the Siberian Huskies she had available! She then said she was located in Olympia, Washington. I asked how much for the puppy and explained I was a college student in need of a furry friend. She said she discussed with her husband and they decided I can get her for free, as long as I pay the Pacific Pet Transportation for shipping. She also said she was a cancer victim, and needed the puppies gone before her treatments started. I agreed as it was only $315 from Seattle, a stop in Portland, then onto Anchorage claiming they were on Alaska Airlines. They then made me pay a $300 fee to rent a heated kennel for her travel, claiming it was mandatory. Unfortunately, they had said the poor puppy was vomiting and had terrible diarrhea. I was devastated thinking of the poor pup being so sick. They said I had to pay for medicine an additional $150. They also said they had done tests and she was sick from Salmonella, the previous owner was feeding her raw foods and she had gotten really sick and lost a lot of blood. She needed a blood transfusion, and I needed to pay an additional $150 to the vets for her care and said the puppy would be okay IN THEIR CARE. Well, a few days passed and she started her blood transfusion. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out well, blood got into her lungs and she went into immediate surgery and didn’t make it back out. I WAS PISSED, such a BEAUTIFUL puppy gone way too soon! I demanded a refund, and they said they would refund me for all the money I used ($950.28 or something like that) plus the cost of a 3 month old Siberian Husky puppy ($2,500 according to their partnership with another company), and the damages with time wasted (an estimated $5,000 according to their company). Well, here comes another fee for the 3% notary tax of $243, and my dumb self paid for it thinking I’d get my refund of $8,100. They had said I’d get my refund by November 26, 2018 at 10 am, the day comes and they said I had to sign a paper in order to get my refund. I went through it, and I signed it because it looked legit. I sent it back and they said I’d get the money November 27, 2018 @ 10 am at a Western Union location. I am not a morning person, I take evening classes. I wake up early, go to Western Union and wait for the confirmation email. I stayed until 11 o’clock. I had called, emailed and no answer. I finally googled their number and I’m assuming or hoping their are two Pacific Pet Transport companies, but the lady I spoke to clearly said I was being scammed. I went home crying in tears because I felt so stupid, knowing I was scammed. Although, at 12 pm I received an email saying I had to pay another 1.5% tax, totaling $120.69 for over countries fees to the Cameroon Atlantic Bank. I emailed back and said I refused to pay any of it, I had already spent way over my budget and I needed my money for my bills. I was angry, I emailed the original [email protected] and gave them my two cents. They then replied around 12:34 stating my emails were going to their “Spam” folders and that’s why they didn’t see the emails. They asked for more time to sort things out with their bank, and they’d get back to me. I’m furious! My boyfriend’s mother gave me the number for this BBB and I decided to google and fill out online instead. I’m not sure if this company is real, but I do feel as if I’ve been scammed. I’m fine if it’s real and I actually get my refund and compensation. Although, if this was all someone’s sick joke into getting money from me, I’d really like to find a way to get all the money I spent back including the so-called 3% fee that I paid back, totally to around $1,100-1,200.