I went to Pacific Truck Sales after seeing the Volvo 780 I’ve been wanting for awhile, these guys are good they butter you up, and once you buy the Truck or have it Financed they say that they are going to cleanup the Truck for you, but what they are doing is changing those nice tires with thick tread on them with used tires with thick tread on them, these tires are all illegally patched on the side, you’ll find this out after about a thousand miles down the road. after less then two thousand miles the tires on the tractor that didn’t blow by now where turning slick, I’ve been driving for over twenty four years and owned four trucks before this one and never seen anything like this,, But wait there’s more, that was the good part, they rolled back the odometer on my Truck as well as the otheres on their lot, I have been Towed more times with this Truck from Pacific Truck Sales then I have in my whole twenty four years as a Trucker. | So I filed a Lawsuit against Pacific Truck Sales and found out that I was not the only one after them. And in their defense in case you do file a Lawsuit against Pacific Truck Sales, they have a silver bullet that has been working for them, and that is, they will create a few false papers and they will copy and past your signature on them saying that you knew the Truck had No Warrenty even though you have Warrenty Papers from them given to you the day you signed for the Truck, also they will create another form saying you knew the odometer was rolled back with this alone they should be in jail, and last but not least they will have the other fake form saying that you will not seek a Attorney instead settle things through Arbitration and of course they don’t have the originals of any of these forms just copy’s, because with the originals you can test the ink and see that it is the true origanal form and they know this. | Who in the hell would signed anything like that, also the bad part is, these fake papers scare off Attorneys even though the Attorneys know that the pappers are fake. So Drivers I beg you stay away from these guys unless you like riding in Tow Trucks, I even have them on my IPAD admiting they put used tires on their trucks and that all the tires are side plugged. That is so illegal and they make it plain and clear that they do not care. Stay Away Unless You Want To Be Bankrupt” And if you’ve been Ripoff by Pacific Truck Sales say something so we can file a class action suit againt these criminals. John Fort Worth Tx


  • Name: Pacific Truck Sales LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Grand Prairie
  • Address: 2302 E Pacific St
  • Phone: 972-790-6297
  • Website: www.pacifictrucksales.net/