Complaint: What you are about to read is about a woman that should have never had the right to bare children, OR even a child, …it is true and factual and will date back over 24 years from now (July ’13) to present. This woman had a one night stand over 24 years ago, and Lord knows how many more, that resulted in her becoming pregnant. She was either NOT very intelligent, or real stupid because it wasn’t until she was 7 months along that she knew or realized that she was pregnant – meanwhile she’d been drinking alcohol underage, smoking cigarettes, and abusing illicit drugs the whole 7 months that she claims to have been unaware of her pregnancy. (For the woman reading this I’m sure you are thinking to yourselves now as to how in the hell can any woman go through the changes your body goes through during the first 2 tri-mesters and NOT realize something is JUST a little different with your body is ABSURD!) Two months later, after the child has been born, she attempts to have the child given up for adoption without the fathers consent – on three different occasions. Before the fourth couple came forward to adopt the father stepped in and took custody of the child. He did everything for his child to maintain a structured environment for his newborn child – went to all well care baby Dr. visits, and then had to endure the pain of realizing that your child would have disabilities the rest of his life that will affect his ability to lead a normal life. The child was diagnosed with ADHD, OCP and some autistic features or asperger’s syndrome at a very young age and was a direct result of the mothers actions while she was carrying him and carrying on with her illegal activities while being underage. Throughout the course of the next 10 to 12 years, or so, she fights for custody of the child she wanted to give up because she couldn’t provide for him and for whom she was going to get no help from her parents or other family to raise. Each of the 3-4 times she went to court the Judge refused her custody stating that there hadn’t been significant change and each time the Judge would increase the amount of childsupport she had to pay. lol Inbetween the childs 14th and 15th birthdays the biological mother, Paddi Krupp, was given temporary custody because the father was going through a divorce at the time. She then went back to court again for custody and was awarded custody at that time by the judge. However, less than a year later this so called responsible mother leaves her disabled 15 year old HOME ALONE while she and her boyfriend, Deane Douglas – another idiot, go off to work. What the hell were they thinking??? ….the child then acts out and gets into some serious trouble as a result of being left alone. The child then gets thrown into a program through Howard Community Services, another scam that will get its own negative report, and was told that he’d be there for 2 years, or until he reaches 18 and that he’d have no record for what he’d done that got him in trouble. After 2 years with little to no interaction from this poor excuse for a mother the child acts out yet again, only this time he’s with staff members (2) from the Howard Commuinty Ctr. – apparently the staff were incompetent to do their job but they didn’t get in trouble it was the child again. Now this program through Howard says that they don’t provide the services that the child needs and ships him out to Mass. for a little over 3 years, or until he reaches 22 yrs old. All the while the woman, Paddi Krupp, that put him in this mess neglects him – refuses to return phone calls, doesn’t go to see him, doesn’t interact with her son at all or provide him the things that she’s supposed to. She can’t control him so she feels no one else should be able to be around him – she’s a pig! The child has now been in this “program”” for going on 9 years and he’s been told by staff that he’d be leaving

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Address: or stepping down to the next level

Website: antagonized and when he calls to advise his poor excuse of a mother and now legal gaurdian for said disabled child of these actions by staff members she doesn’t take his calls nor does she return his calls. Sounds like neglect

Phone: in June ’13 – well that has come and gone and the now 24 yr old still remains in the program. He gets taunted daily by staff members that have little to NO training with individuals with disabilties nor do they have any communication skills at all