I started working for Eric in January. He asked for my help getting his company back in order. He had suffered a head injury and divorced his wife. Since that time he had stopped sending invoices to clients, screwed up hundreds of employee paychecks, didn’t pay child support for workers, (DHHS kept calling to verify if people were still working, he had no clue). After weeks of begging him to pay attention, focus and when you get a sec, fix my paycheck. He snapped threatening to destroy my property if I didn’t come straight down to collect it. Eric Baxter and Tony Bennett set an ambush and attacked me and my 65 year old father right in the parking lot. We had another witness with us as well. Since then I have been the target of threats and harassment on Facebook and in my home town. He is absolutely drowning without Pam. But he labeled her as abusive because she wanted him to make good choices. His daughter looks at him with what looks like real fear in her eyes. I feel bad for them but that’s no excuse for being an abusive and vicious employer. He currently owes me approx $1600 in unpaid salary and lost property.


  • Name: PAGEmployment
  • Country: United States
  • State: Maine
  • City: Brewer
  • Address: 185 N Main St
  • Phone: 207-991-9615
  • Website: www.pagemployment.com