I found pakayas.com on the web for christmas shopping 12-12-09 and bought a cd and the next day paypal sent me an email confirming my “direct withdrawal from my checking account”” form of payment and said a shipping email notice would be sent soon. I printed out a reciept 12-12-09 and the Confirmation number and shipping address was completely blacked out. but the website had an order number. so I left it on computer. That was the Last I seen or heard of pakayas

No Shipment

No X-mas present. I tried to go back to thier on-line store and the website was closed. It was gone

the only thing it shows is an add for godaddy.com and to the right

at top of screen it says Welcome to: Pakayas.com but when you click onto that it does nothing…it will not let you in. This was a huge scam. Many others were Ripped-Off also. I keyed the name into google and it had something on it called spokeo.com that lists pakayas as an internet company list in Southgate