Chris Anders is a complete scam artist. He will be happy to take your down payment and explain how wonderful his fleet is, but good luck booking an actual clean, maintained boat. His false advertising leads you to believe that you can call ahead and they will have your boat waiting for you in the water. He uses the words “unlimited boat usage” to reel you in. Reality is quite different. You will NOT get a boat on the weekends unless you book it 4 months in advance. Its that simple. They will offer to put you on the waitlist for the day that you call, however, that would be for boats that are returned much later in the day. And don’t bother to voice your objections to his secretary, Melissa. She is absolutely unprofessional and will give you a lecture on how, “you should know to plan your life 4 months in advance if you expect to use one of our boats!!” In addition, you are signing a contract that does not allow you to cancel for an extended period of time and you will be responsible for 2 additional month payments AFTER you cancel your contract. It’s absurd.


  • Name: Palm Beach Boat Club
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Riviera Beach
  • Address: 255 E. 22nd Ct.
  • Phone: 561-840-1901
  • Website: