Complaint: In a nutshell Palm Beach County Water Utility managers send their employees to a water school that they collect money from their employer for and possibly personally profit from. Palm Beach County pays for the water school and the same Palm Beach County managers collect and control the County money of the same water school under a non-profit status cover. Then these same county water managers refuse to allow the books to be audited. The Palm Beach County Water Utilities managers get paid twice for doing their job. The Palm Beach County Office of Inspector General did not find this a conflict of interest or at least Ms. Evangeline Rentz Intake manager found this was “nothing””. I have a copy of the letter if you want to see it. I have documented proof of this if you are interested. The Palm Beach County Inspector Generals office was given the same info and found nothing wrong. I hope the news breaks this story and here is more detailed information. Patricia Brock

Tags: Government Worker

Address: Vince Munn

Website: Patrick Lyles are also the majority on the board of directors of the Florida Water and Pollution Control Operators Association (FWPCOA) who gets paid by Palm Beach County for the water school. Palm Beach County pays the water plant supervisors of Region 6 FWPCOA for educational classes for water operators (county employees) for training and continuing educational units (CEUS) for the water plant operators (county employees) that the water plant managers supervise through the non-profit organization that the water managers control. The FWPCOA is supposed to be a non-profit group. I tried to get the FWPCOA region 6 (water plant managers of Palm Beach County water utilities) board of directors to give us an accounting of the financial records and they refuse to do so. Ask yourself why we cannot get an independent audit of the financial records of the non-profit group with a CPA? The same people have been on the board of directors for at least ten years now that I know of. I have been fighting to get the FWPCOA to open the financial records. I am a dues paying member of this group and many of us want this and we are entitled to an audit. The FWPCOA board (water plant supervisors of Palm Beach County water utilities) has control over the money they collect from the Palm Beach County utilities for water education. The county pays their own managers to send their employees to school and the same water managers collect and control the education money. The Inspector Generals office of Palm Beach County finds this conflict of interest is nothing. What a worthless office this is… Every election these three county water supervisors pack the room with their employees

Phone: Patrick Lyles are water plant managers and supervisors for Palm Beach County water utilities. These same managers send their employees to a so-called non-profit water school that they control. This control includes the money that their employer pays for. Is this a sweet deal or what? Patricia Brock