I placed an order with these folks on December 28th 2014 for a Gold Ring and overnight shipping. On the 31st, I received the vacuum sealed package. I thought it looked funny at first because it looked like an empty envelope. It was basically flat with a small square bump. After opening the package, I find the following items: 1. A Polishing Cloth 2. Invoice 3. Catalog. After tracking the package, I see the shipping weight was 0.30lbs That’s it. No ring, nothing. I contacted customer support over the phone, and they said they would look into it and get back to me. A day later, I get a call back from someone in the state of IL (the called ID displayed a call from a 217 area code). I missed the call, and it was someone from customer service appologizing for my inconvenience, and they would be shipping out another ring and appology card, and free gift. Fast forward to January 5th 2015. I receive the next package. This time, it looks like something is in the vacuum packaging. Now I’m excited. I opened the packaging, and what do I find: 1. Appology Card 2. Free Gift (chunky bracelet) 3. Invoice After tracking this package, I see the shipping weight was 0.30LBS Now, I’m livid. I call customer service, and I am mad. Extremely mad. They appolgize for the inconvenience, blah blah blah. and tell me someone will contact me in the next day. Meanwhile I am emailing customer service over and over again. The next day comes, and I am called by an “Adam”” Adam leaves me a voice mail and tells me that they’re investigating my claim

and will get back to me once a resolution has been founded. Apparently a resolution was founded in 10 minutes because I got a call back from a woman who told me she was/has been in touch with the CEO

and the CEO says that the inventory is correct

and I got the ring both times

and I am making things up. Like really? I want to make a huge stink over this when I actually got the ring in the first place. I never received anything from them other than a polishing cloth