PLANNING THE TRIP In early 2010 my wife booked an almost free Florida trip through Caribbean Cruise Lines. My wife was told that our only obligation for the vacation package was to take a Group Tour and then complete a one page survey. She was told that we had to do this at Palm Beach Shores Resort and Vacation Villas in Palm Beach Shores, Florida. My wife made it perfectly clear that she was not interested in sitting through a typical one-on-one, high-pressured timeshare presentation. She was promised that we would not be required to sit through that type of presentation. On March 30, 2010, the timeshare salesman at Palm Beach Shores Resort and Vacation Villas told me and my wife that we were required to sit (one-on-one) through his presentation. We were also required to tour the resort property and then tour the nearby marina. When we objected to this, the salesman told us that my wife and I would be charged the full price of the trip if we didnt sit through his presentation and take the individual tour with him. So, we had no choice–my wife and I sat through the timeshare presentation, which took almost six hours! DEEDED WEEKEVERY ODD YEAR On March 30, 2010, my wife and I spent about six hours with the salesman. It was in fact a very high-pressured sales presentation. My wife and I made it very clear to Watson that our children were teenagers and that we were primarily interested in beachside resorts that were within twelve or thirteen hours driving time from Indianapolis, Indiana. We told the salesman that we wanted to take our trips to resorts in Panama City, Myrtle Beach, Florida Panhandle, North Carolina beaches, Mississippi beaches, etc. We told the salesman that we would be taking many of our vacations during spring breaks and early summer. We told the salesman that we were not interested in returning to Palm Beach Shores or to southern Florida. So, we told him that we were interested in the RCI exchange program that would allow us to vacation at beachside resorts at the above mentioned locations. The salesman promised us and convinced us that we would be purchasing a very special membership that would allow us to book beachside resorts with absolutely no problems at all. The salesman showed us the thick RCI catalogue of resorts and made it seem like we could easily get into any resort found in the catalogue. In November, 2010, I began the process of booking a desired resort in Panama City for a trip in late March/early April, 2011 (odd year deeded week exchange). Because I began looking for resorts four months prior to travel, I figured that we would get a very nice beachside resort in Panama City. However, THERE WAS NOTHING AVAILABLE!!! Not only was there nothing available on the beach in Panama City, there were no resorts available in Panama City at all. I then attempted for weeks to find an beachside resort available anywhere in the Florida Panhandle, Myrtle Beach, Mississippi, Alabama, etc. There was nothing available anywhere on a beach. My wife and I finally had to settle for a less than desirable resort in Myrtle Beach that was over a mile away from the beach. When we took the trip, we found the resort in Myrtle Beach, which was over a mile away from the beach, just average–nothing special. So our 2011 deeded week exchange was an absolute failure. Neither my family nor I enjoyed being in an average resort over one mile away from the beach. We learned that the salesman’s promises were lies. RCI MEMBERSHIP CARD PROMISEEXTRA WEEK VACATION After my wife and I told the salesman that we were not interested in the every other year timeshare deeded week, the salesman (in a very excited voice) told us that his boss was offering us an additional Extra Week Vacation” every year. The salesman made this offer sound like we were really being offered something of great value. The salesman said that the “”Extra Week Vacation”” was good every year

but then explained that the “”Extra Week Vacation”” could not be booked prior to forty-five days of the check-in date to the resort. Again

the salesman pointed to the RCI catalogue of resorts and made it seem that we could book any resort that we wanted using the “”Extra Week Vacation”” feature. At some point during this “”Extra Week Vacation”” offer

I informed the salesman that I wanted to take my teenage daughters and two of their friends to a beachside resort in Panama City during the last week of May/first week of June

2010 time period. I asked the salesman if the “”Extra Week Vacation”” would work for that trip. The salesman told me and my wife that we could definitely use the 2010 “”Extra Week Vacation”” for our trip to a resort in Panama City. Together