Dear Sir / Madam nI am writing this letter to inform you of the following statement. nIn February 2005 I was informed via the internet that I had won the prize of a free family holiday to Florida with all expenses paid and all we had to do was find our own flights and transport to Orlando. nAt no time during any of the correspondence prior to arrival at our first hotel were we informed that this was to be a timeshare presentation sales drive. In fact most of the correspondence was flawed and full of false information. nFrom the time we arrived at the first of the locations we had to stay at ( a hotel of no more that 2 or 3 stars at best ) we were pestered with a full itinerary of must attend’, locations and appointments at various different venues that we were told were all compulsory’, and must be attended. nWe missed the first of these bookings as I was unable to find the venue and as a result was given a right dressing down the following morning by one of the sales reps. We were warned that if we did not attend further appointments we would have to leave the hotel and all other locations booked for us would be cancelled. nAfter this warning and bullied into it, we attended a pre-arranged meeting at Palm Beach Shores Hotel. On arrival we were split up and interviewed individually by the sales rep who told us all the same lies. nTHE LIES WERE :-n(1) Palm Beach Shores is an extremely sort after location as he said it’ ( Location, Location, Location ) and we would never have a problem disposing of the property if we ever wanted to sell it on or sublet it. nFACT: nI have had the timeshare up for sale for 4 years and have dropped the price from its so called value to just $100 dollars and have never even had 1 enquiry ( this property is worthless). n(2) After 10 years the lease would be ours and we would never have to pay another thing after that. nThis was a BLATANT LIE, as it never ever comes to an end. Not only are we expected to pay for this until the end of our days but the burden would be passed on to our offspring or surviving family. nNeither my disabled wife Elvira, my Daughter Donna or I own or have owned any other property, we do not own our own house and all live at rented accommodation, we do not hold any financial assets of any kind or did we at the time of being pressurised into signing for the timeshare. nTHE WARNINGS : nWe were told that if we did not sign we would have to leave the hotel that we were in and find alternative accommodation for the rest of our stay and that all other venues would be terminated. nAll of the above statement was witnessed by an independent observer, our travelling companion Miss Emma Price. nOver the last 4 years we have been put under unnecessary pressure with the financial burden and costs which have gone higher and higher each year causing us severe debt problems in other areas of our lives. nMy wife Elvira is epileptic, severely disabled and wheelchair bound. The stress, anguish and depression caused by the ever increasing financial burden of this timeshare and its associated maintenance fees has had a detrimental and long lasting effect on her physical and mental health and our quality of life. In fact on arriving back to the UK after leaving the US Elvira fell ill and had to be to Morriston hospital Swansea with abdominal pains and remained there for over a week. nIn 2006 I had to give up my work to look after Elvira and became her full time carer this resulted in a large drop in our income.nAt present our sole income consists of ( Elvira) Severely Disabled Pension and Help with Getting Around Allowance and I am now only on Carers Allowance and between us we receive Income Support to top up our living income all of the above allowances are UK Government funded and are classed as benefits only. nIn 2008 because of the deterioration in our income we placed ourselves in a consumer management program in order to cover our accumulated debts and overdraft however the management program set by C.C.C.S. would not include in any way payments towards a timeshare. nEarlier this year my wife and I received from the Halifax Building Society a rebate in full from the insurance paid on one of our loans the reason for this was explained in a statement that said that the insurance policy had been MISS SOLD’ to us and could not be validated. This money was set aside by the Halifax and used to reduce our loan and overdraft. n The Timeshare we have was without doubt MISS SOLD’ to us and on these grounds I feel we should be entitled not only to stop paying for it, but to claim that all previous payments made by us should be refunded together with any interest accumulated during the whole period plus compensation for the amount of stress and hardship caused by the demands. nI claim that all of the above written by me in this statement is the truth. nKind Regards nJeff pnSwansea, South WalesUnited Kingdom

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