I ordered a tropical ceiling fan for our Sunroom that we recently remodeled. I ordered a two-toned fan from Palmfanstore.com Specifically becuase the picture showed a light colored center blade with a dark edge. This would compliment our bamboo in the room. We have both light colored bamboo and dark. Unfortunately when I received the fan, the blades were a SOLID tan. They were NOT two-toned. There was a very slight hue change within the tan, but there was absolutely no defined Two Tone colors. I immediately called the store and talked to Bradley, he instructed me to mail them back, gave me the address and the next day I went to the UPS store to ship them. When I got the ths UPS store, they told me it was going to be $57 to ship them back, I immediately called Bradley and asked for an RA label, and explained that I shouldn’t have to be responsible for paying for shipping when I didn’t get the color that was promised me in the internet photo. He said, no problem. Take a picture of the blade, email it to him, and when he received it, he would send that picture to the MFG and they would credit him the cost of my shipping since the blade didn’t match the picture of the MFG picture. I emaild all of this so I would have a written communication and reluctantly paid with the hopes that they would honor their word and reimburse me when they received it. The NEXT day I received an email from a JEff. He apologized for “jumping into the middle of our conversation”” and admitted to not having any knowledge of our conversation

but that I should just mail back the blades. I apologized and said I’d already mailed the whole fan back. He then told me I wouldn’t get any refund because they only refund for defects. I explained that there was no question about defect……It was about IT WAS NOT THE COLOR THAT WAS IN THE PICTURE. Why should I have to pay to send back a fan that was clearly not the fan I ordered?? No matter how many times I explained this

he argued this with me. I even pasted a picture (that I emailed off the UPS store computer to my phone and attached it with the picture I took with my phone of the blade in their parking lot) Jeff continued to argue with me and said that if I’d installed the fan into my ceiling that it would have magically changed to the color I wanted??????? REALLY???? Now why would I have done this? Their website clearly states if I install it

I get NO Refund. So

I’m thinking this is what they were after. Two weeks went by