Complaint: On Jan 13, Panera emailed me that they had loaded my Panera card with a $5 u201cRewardu201d to try their u201cFast Lane Kiosksu201d. The so-called u201crewardu201d was valid for 2 weeks. I made a special trip to the Panera near my house. The mgr there had no clue what I was talking about. The folks at Panerau2019s toll-free u201ccustomer serviceu201d number couldnu2019t tell me how to find out which Panera locations have Fast Lane Kiosks. I managed to find the office of the franchisee for MD (where I live). The Marketing Director there said none of the MD Paneras have these kiosks. After I wasted hours on this project, Panera send a u201creminderu201d on Jan 20. It belatedly advised that I could redeem my so-called u201crewardu201d via online or mobile. (Their first email never mentioned those options.) Meanwhile, the historic blizzard Jonas dumped 2 u00bd feet of snow on the Mid-Atlantic. When navigating returned to semi-normal, I had one day left to redeem my so-called u201crewardu201d, before it expired on Jan 27. On Jan. 27, I duly placed a u201cRapid Pickupu201d order on Panerau2019s website for a cafu00e9 near my office. Panera emailed me a confirmation. However, when I came to the Panera cafu00e9, they had no record of my order. They were very nice at the cafu00e9, but I felt as though they thought I was trying to u201cconu201d them into giving me free food. It was very embarrassing. This was my SECOND wasted trip to a Panera cafu00e9 in an attempt to redeem my so-called u201crewardu201d. Incidentally, I discovered that that cafu00e9 (in DC) DID have the elusive u201cFast Lane Kiosksu201d. On Jan. 28, I contacted Panerau2019s VP of Ecommerce about this incident. She forwarded my email to her subordinate, the Manager of u201cCBSS Preventive Analysisu201d (whatever that is). He ignored my inquiry about what he could do to make me feel better about my ordeal. After I followed up again with the VP+, the Manager responded on Feb. 2 and promised me a gift card. I described all of the above hassles to him and he proceeded to offer meu2026a $10 gift card! In light of the hours I had wasted, as a result of Panerau2019s miserable customer service, I rejected this insulting offer. The VP of Ecommerce wrote: u201cI am sorry we have not exceed [sic] your expectations in resolving your concerns. Can you provided [sic] me the details.u201d Besides being semi-illiterate, this response conveniently ignores the fact that she ALREADY had all the u201cdetailsu201d and she never even MET my expectations, let alone u201cexceedu201d them! Her boss, Panerau2019s Senior VP & Chief Information Officer, ignored my follow-up email. I then emailed the Senior VP of Company Operations, who initially seemed more responsive. On Feb. 3, he promised to u201cmake sure [my complaint] gets addressed appropriately.u201d Despite his promise, no one has contacted me since then. Based on all of the above issues, I believe Panera is dealing in bad faith. I call it u201cPanera Punishmentu201d.

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