My wife recently ordered from this site, thinking that she was ordering a medication. The site is set up as online shopping cart for individual meds. It is only after you dig a little deeper that you realize that they are basically just selling web addresses, and really nothing of any value. To make matters worse it is a recurring charge. nAgain the information is on the web site, but because the shopping entry for the individual med is on the same page it is easy to get confused. I think also that most people find it hard to believe that someone would actually charge you for something so worthless so believe that they are ordering the actual medication. nGetting them to reverse the charges is a pain, but threatening credit card fraud works well, and you have to state that you obtained no value from the site (No brainer there). nPlease someone figure out how to get the physical address of this company. I tried calling, and they would only say they were somewhere it the “Midwest””. The company is a menace

preying on the infirm

and people made desperate by the high price of pharmaceuticals in the US nMichaelnSalt Lake City


Refuses To Disclose Internet U.S.A.