This man is extremely dangerous and I urge you to read this carefully. Paolo has an extraordinary way of getting people to believe. His inability to look one in the eye, much less shake hands and smile upon meeting, makes it easy to believe the colorful story he always starts off w of being abandoned by his mom, dropping out of elementary school & selling flowers on the side of the road to survive; which is 90% bullsh*t. | He then works on getting you to believe he is some sort of marvelous modern day man , a visionary who happens to give off a vibration that is elevated and bright or some s**t and that he has done what he says he has done, owns or has what he says he does and is so good at “business” that he can turn ideas into reality like that. But he can’t. And he won’t. But he will take your money, ideas and relationships and never look back – so beware. | The names he drops are are endless and edited to impress. His most egregious move of all is that they are often names of people who are a friend of a friend or even a friend of an enemy he used to work with and he actually has no real connection to that super impressive person/place or thing. Hell, he will even drop a name he knows hates him if if he think it will sound impressive. And he always gets away with it. Actually, I take that back. | People are starting to catch on, which is why he’s as slippery as he is. One name he ALWAYS makes sure to drop though is Billionaire (?) Ron Burkle. It’s my understanding Ron has never actually invested in him, but dropping his name opens too many doors to leave out. And while he fronts “hard core new age” wearing strange necklaces,exotic travelers stopping by, feathers and crystals piled up like bullsh*t, talking like he’s the smartest in the room and is the only voice that should be heard ;he’s not. | He’s uneducated and it shows. He’s a totally f*cked up, lying parrot who regurgitates what he reads to impress the people he’s spotted to attach himself to so that he can re-start at the top of yet another industry instead of putting in the time to actually work his way up. And by “spotted” I mean this leach figures out who the next potential host is ( can be man or woman) uncovers what they’ve achieved in their career/education, how much money they have access to and how easy it would be to mind f*ck them into thinking they need him – then proceeds accordingly. | The most dangerous thing about Paolo Moreno is that validating checks out because of the Sillerman/SFX lawsuit. It shows up in Google and states that his side reportedly won $7M (?) , but in reality, it is said he/they saw little to no money for various reasons, many having to do with Paolo’s greed and stupid mistakes. In actuality, the lines are blurred as to what exactly his role was in that whole “I built a Billion dollar company” statement makes VS. that of those he attached himself to ; his partners: Lawyer and successful EDM DJ Manager/MGMT Company owner Lawrence Vavra & his smarter, more level headed, yet definitely still street, older brother Gabe. | Dig for 10 minutes and it seems they were the ones who actually had all of the relationships and vision to do a roll up and build SFX Entertainment . Not Paolo Let this serve as a warning to anyone going into business with Paolo – he has never actually done business with Ron. He in no way has a network of “Social Media Influencers” at his fingertips and while he may “manage” one or two, that will be over soon and it has always been because he secured himself yet again on the coattails of the real person in that position. | In this case, the real manager, Jeff. If you meet him, just know that he’s doing all he can to keep his head above water … Avoiding numerous lawsuits by keeping it moving from EDM to Tech to Influencers to Cannabis – but he’s screwed over MANY important people in the medical marijuana / CBD / Canna space so just maybe it sort of seems that finally, more and more people are getting to know he’s a shady joke who once again is riding on the coattails of those he quietly & constantly screws over, talking sh*t on the second they turn around. | As charming and as intelligent he may seem, dont do business with him. He will no doubt f*ck up any deal thanks to greed, and you can be sure he will always look out for himself , taking what’s not his because hes convinced himself he has earned it. He literally can’t remain loyal to the partners/friends/chicks he hides behind, and constantly moves from target to target , taking and stepping over everyone until one day he usually disappears with whatever he was able to get his hands on… and he will never look back


  • Name: Paolo Moreno
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Los Angeles
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