I got a 2007 KIA OPtima from this dealership, the engine light was on and so was the airbag light. He promise to fix the engine light the next day because the part was on order. Two days later instead the part came in and it was installed but the problem was still there. I got the run around for two weeks trying to get him to fix the car as promised. | The airbag situation was a result of a recall. I check the recall and it related to a small parts of the airbag but after taking the car to the dealer, it was not related. The owner recanted making any claims about anything and even stated the car had no light s on the dashboard, to make matter worse, the ignition key get stuck on ACC and does not turn off all the way. | After contacting the attorney general, I found out that this dealership had 23 complaints against them. Buyers Beware!


  • Name: Parasanda Auto Sales
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Riverside
  • Address: 6000 Airway Rd
  • Phone: 937-258-0440
  • Website: www.purasandaauto.com