Complaint: got an email from this company back in November 2017 stating that they seen my resume online and wanted to offer me a work from home position. They asked me to view the job details and if I felt like it was something I would be interested in I should fill out an applicaiton. They job was for me to get packages in the mail and to print out the pre-paid labels and ship the packages, sound easy right? I was told to contact their payroll to let them know how I would like to get my payment, there was an option to get a check, or direct deposit. I picked direct deposit because I knew that if they could pay me direct deposit then this job was legit and real. I was told that I would be on 30 day probation to see if I worked well with the company, then after that I would get a payment of $2150.00 and if and when I was hired on full time I would have a monthly pay of $2250.00. Now I should have known that sounded too good to be true, but I gave it a chance anyway. There was a number I could call that said the company’s name when you call, my manager was in contact with me every day, things seem to be going as planned. I did shipments for this company for about a month and I was suppose to get my first payment on December 21st because my probation period started on the day I shipped the first package, which was December 21st. I noticed after shipping the last few packages there wasn’t anymore packages being put on the system I was given to log into every day. So at first I just thought that they were running behind and that they would put more packages on the system. On the 21 of December I waiting all day to see if I was going to get a check from them, after waiting and realizing that no payment was coming I contacted the company via email. When they did reply to my email they told me that the system has shut down and that they were unable to process direct deposits. So at that point I thought to myself “What a coincidence that this would happen on suppose to be payday””. They told me to wait a few days and things would be back running and I would get my payment

Tags: Internet Fraud, Mail & Internet Fraud, Work at Home

Address: they told me they couldn’t do direct deposits because their back account had been compromised. The email was misspelled. When I did get an email from them again they told me that things was not running well and asked me if I wanted to be paid direct deposit or by check

Website: but it happens when it’s time to pay me? After me telling them I still wanted a paycheck

Phone: and I said by check again because at this point I’m thinking this is all a scam