On and/or around Monday, November 30, 2015, I was invited to participate in a Blood and Urine Screening to be used for a Blood Pressure Medication and the dates that they were going to use ME were going to be either on December 9th, 2015 or December 14, 2015. | I was told to wait for about 2-5 Days before calling in to check on my results and I did call up YuWon Kim, the Enrollment Specialist at: 818-254-1632 and Alyssa N., the Clinical Research Coordinator at: | 818-254-1992. | I can Not reiterate on How Many Messages That I Had To Leave On both Numbers in order to get any feedback from them since they Both Purposely and Deliberately Refused To Answer, Nor Respond Back To My Phone Calls. | Furthermore, I knew that I was 100% Healthy and Qualified cause I did a study back home in Toronto, Ontario Canada about three (3) months ago and so I was Not Worried. | However, when I finally spoke to YuWon Kim, she finally told ME that My Test Results Were Fine, No Problem and that I was Qualified, however, she said that there was a Concern because she claimed that I was Making Noise During My Blood Test. | Well, in Reality that was a Total Lie! | The Male Lobotomist that was on duty at that time was Not Totally Qualified at all at Locating My Veins and supposedly He Had Trouble In Finding Them and Yes, HE Was Deliberately Hurting ME! | I have NEVER had these problems before with anybody locating my veins before in the past and if he would have done his job properly, then he would have found my veins instead of poking ME so many times unnecessarily! | In Addition: I had NO problem with the man assigned to take people’s blood, but I am very Angry and Upset because of that Incident since I was purposely Prejudiced and Discriminated Against and Singled Out out of the Whole Group and this Man obviously was NOT much of a Help because he spoke with YuWon Kim, the Enrollment Specialist and Alyssa N., the Clinical Research Coordinator and whatever he told them, I ended Up Losing The Job Of Being A Participant For Either Study On Either Date. | I learned about this because the last time that I spoke with YuWon Kim she told me exactly what I am telling You. | Please Note: YuWon Kim also told ME that I do NOT need to call back and she said that she would call ME back for either of those dates if she feels like using ME (if there are other candidates out there who are Not Qualified, then she would have ME replace them), which is a LIE! | She purposely and deliberately Discriminated ME for Invalid and Untrue Reasons and therefore Labelled ME as a Problem behind my back just because Your Lobotomist Temporarily Hurt ME when this man poked me over and over and over since he was NOT doing his job properly in the first place causing me to be in pain. | Since YuWon Kim has caused ME to Lose the Job and therefore Lose This Money that I could have Made due to Her Negligence, if I am NOT going to be Used In This Study That I Was Qualified For, then I need to be Compensated Properly For The Full Amount For My Loss that she has caused for NO Good, Legitimate, nor Valid Reasons. | If we can Not Solve This Problem Together, then I will go to Small Claims Court and Solve It There. | One Thing That I Will Not Tolerate is YuWon Kim’s Abuse, Lies, Excuses, Mind Games, etc. | She has Purposely and Deliberately moved my paperwork to the side, even though I was 100% Qualified and therefore DISCRIMINATED AND PREJUDICED ME for Invalid, Unacceptable, Non Legitimate Reasons. | Thank You For Nothing! | Sincerely yours, | Howard Paul Shore | Angry and Upset Parexel Qualified Participant | PS: I Wonder How Many Other People That She Has Done This To Before In The Past?


  • Name: PAREXEL International Corp.
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Waltham
  • Address: 195 West Street
  • Phone: 1-781-487-9900
  • Website: www.parexel.com